Facilities Managment

With an ever-tightening economy, expense reduction is critical for success in today’s corporate environment. By focusing on facilities management, savings can be realized - which passes straight to the bottom line.  

Combining our noteworthy experience with top-notch service, the latest technologies and long-established relationships with qualified third-party vendors, Cushman & Wakefield/Commercial Advisors offers a number of “broad stroke” advantages to facilities management, including:     

  • Single point-of-contact for all facility related issues   
  • A resource team with direct, hands on experience in facilities management    
  • Expanded controls through the development of a detailed operations manual for each facility    
  • Establishment of consistent preventive maintenance procedures and identification/prioritization of deferred maintenance      
  • All systems and structures are operated at the highest levels of efficiency and quality      
  • All maintenance is in compliance with life/safety, environmental and crisis management requirements  


Our Property & Facilities Management professionals provide comprehensive, occupant-focused services that include: ·     

  • Financial management and reporting (if applicable)     
  • Preventive and recurring maintenance    
  • Procurement of goods and services      
  • Capital improvements    
  • Energy management      
  • Legal compliance programs      
  • Occupant relations programs     
  • Regulatory compliance      
  • Maintenance      
  • Security operations      
  • Construction project management   
  • Operational management of facilities related goods & services