Incentive Analysis and Negotiation

Successful companies recognize that real estate is a critical strategic resource.  Occupancy costs, often one of a company’s largest expense items, present value adding opportunities and the potential for liability issues. Cushman & Wakefield/Commercial Advisors’ Incentives Group provides our clients with advisory services in regards to tax and economic development incentives available from local and state jurisdictions. Such incentives can reduce occupancy costs, drive employment growth and provide offsets for capital expenditures.  


  • Incentive opportunity analysis      
  • Economic and fiscal impact analysis     
  • Site acquisition strategies     
  • Competitive positioning     
  • Political assessment     
  • Corporate tax assessment     
  • Negotiation of incentives     
  • Assist with legal documentation    
  • Administration and compliance  

Benefits of Incentives Analysis

  • Discretionary cash grants    
  • Real & personal property tax abatements & credits    
  • Job creation and investment tax credits      
  • Infrastructure development grants     
  • Customized training assistance      
  • Utility rate and infrastructure grants   
  • Accelerated building and environmental permitting  
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