Property Management

Our team is comprised of experienced, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, connected and hard-working professionals with ideas, proven strategies and a proven track record to maximize asset value. CW|CA’s team leaders have extensive knowledge and experience in the leasing and management for third-party owners, providing a true owner’s mentality. One of the many benefits offered by engaging a third-party provider is redundancy in staffing. Our team has vast experience in managing corporate facilities, office, retail and industrial properties.     

Client Focus

CW|CA has one focus-serving our clients. We exclusively provide leasing and property management services to third-party owners of real estate portfolios and corporate real estate facilities. This core emphasis enables us to focus our time and efforts exclusively on our clients and their real estate assets. 

Service Calls Maintenance Response

Mark Croom directs property maintenance services. Mark has more than 20 years’ experience in maintaining Class “A” industrial properties. Mark is well versed in all facets of building maintenance including HVAC, plumbing, electrical and fire protection systems. Occupant relations are an area where Mark excels as he is keenly aware that his individual performance with day-to-day user contact has a direct impact on owner satisfaction.           

Property Inspections

Property inspections are made by the property manager with oversight by senior management staff. Inspections consist of routine inspection including critical building equipment such as fire sprinkler systems, night-time visits to verify exterior security lighting is operating properly, identification of hazardous conditions along sidewalks and parking lots, roof inspections and landscape maintenance. Routine inspections are especially important for property that is vacant to ensure the properties are in showcase condition to ensure successful marketing.            

Contracted & In-house Services

Financial reporting will be customized to meet your requirements regarding format and scheduling. We utilize Yardi Enterprise accounting software for system management, general ledger maintenance and consolidation and AR/AP functions.            

Annual Budgeting

Commercial Advisors Asset Services will prepare an annual budget including a forecast for both current year annualized expense and budget year information including recommended capital expenditures/improvements and competitive proposals prior to finalizing the annual budget for timely consideration thereof.            

Long Range Planning

Long range planning (when applicable) will be supported by both physical property inspections and occupant requirements. Commercial Advisors Asset Services will administer the development of a five-year capital plan for all aspects of the property. This five-year plan will be updated annually and will be a critical component of the Annual Management Plan where long-range strategies are implemented. Commercial Advisors Asset Services will also initiate and implement of a capital reserve account to budget for long-range capital expenditures as necessary.            

Property Tax Appeals

We have extensive knowledge and experience with the property tax appeal efforts for all types of property. While the actual appeal process is administered by the tax attorneys, the property manager will stay apprised of the current tax rates, appraised values, and will assist our customers (if applicable) in decisions concerning tax appeals and coordinate the appeal process by gathering the necessary property information and data required for a successful tax reduction.  

Tenant Retention

Our overall retention strategy involves providing high touch property management services with a focus on excellent communication. Our team also focuses on building deep relationships with tenants that transcend the typical day to day relationship a property management company has with a tenant.